Arkivet is a modern second-hand store with women’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for the environmentally and fashion-conscious customer.

In the 80’s, the owner Caroline Hamrin’s grandmother, Sonia, opened a second-hand shop in Sundbyberg. As a 10-year-old, Caroline helped her grandmother price tag, talk to customers and take care of the store. That is where Carolines dream of running her own business was born.

After completing her economics studies in the United States, Caroline joined and started an interior design company in New England. When she then returned to Sweden, it was time for her Grandma to hand over the flag and with some hesitation, Caroline took over the second-hand shop in Sundbyberg, which turned out to be one of the most fun things she did. The business flourished and she then sold the store on to develop as a manager and human resources manager within a large Swedish clothing chain.

The dream lived on and in 2017 Caroline took her second-hand store experience into a more modern vintage and with a wider range. The first Arkivet store was opened on Norrtullsgatan in Vasastan. With a high degree of fashion and a strong focus on the experience and feeling in store, Arkivet wants to make it easy for customers to consume fashion in a sustainable way. The concept is simple; submit what you no longer use but could yourself consider buying, i.e. modern clothes in good condition.

Almost exactly two years later, in March 2019, the second Arkivet store was opened, at Nybrogatan 44 in Östermalm. The room of about 300 square meters was a former children’s store that has existed for many years and a well-known feature in the neighborhood. In August 2020, the Archive’s third store opened, this time on Järntorget in Gothenburg. The fourth store was opened in April 2022 in The City of Stockholm, Sergel. Reuse and protecting the environment feels important to Caroline and Arkivet, so it was obvious that some furnishings in the store were reused from the previous business. The idea of sustainability permeates Arkivet on many levels; from using hangers and plastic bags made of recycled plastic to protecting customers and employees. Read more about how we think about sustainability under the tab “circular fashion”.