What applies when submitting? Can I put a bag by the counter and then come back if there is a long queue?

No, you can not put a bag for review and then come back. We go through what you have with you on site together. Please keep in mind that there is usually a queue for our submission, so we ask you to spare some time when you come to hand in your goods.

How much do I get in commission? 

As a customer, you get 40% of the selling price.

What happens to my submitted goods after 30 days?

Your submitted garments are in the store for 30 days after the date of the submission. You are responsible for picking up unsold goods if you want them back. Items that have not been picked up 30 days after the submission are donated to charity.

How do I know if my goods are sold?

It is your own responsibility to keep track of your sales. Arkivet will not contact you if the time has expired or if your goods have been sold. You can either call the store during our opening hours or come by and ask at the counter.

I have lost my paper I received when I submitted it, what do I do then?

If you want to check your sales, it is enough to show identification at the counter, if you call us, we will ask for your social security number or last name. The paper you receive when you submit is for your own use only and does not need to be shown.

I have handed in clothes in one of your stores, does the account also apply in the other stores?

Yes, your account is valid in all our stores.

Is the submission open during the weekends?

No, the submission is open Monday -Fridag between 11.00 and 17.45.

Do you lower prices on goods or do you have a sale?

No, we do not reduce the price of our goods if you as a submission customer do not initiate that you want us to lower any / some of your goods.

Can I regret something I have submitted?

Yes, you can regret it, as long as the garment / item has not already been sold. The easiest way is if you enter the store and let us know.

Do you sell gift cards and in that case, can you use the card in all stores?

Yes, we sell gift cards and you can use the gift card in all the Archive’s stores.

Payment of sold goods

When do I need to use my commission? Or when do I have to request payment?

Your commission-money is in your customer account for 24 months after the sale date.

How can I use my sales money?

The money you earn when your goods are sold is registered in your customer account until they are collected. Payment is not made automatically, but needs to be initiated by you. The money can be collected for 24 months from the date of submission. You can either use the money to shop in the store, but you can also have the money paid into your bank account if you ask us to.

Open purchase/ exchange

Can you hold for me that I have seen on instagram?

No, we do not hold items/ good from instagram. However, we can hold items/goods for two hours that you find in the stores.

Do I have an open purchase / exchange right on goods I have bought from you?

No, we dont have open puschase or exchange rights on goods. You are welcome to try our products and goods in store before your purchase. If you, agains all odds, regret your purchase you can always hand in the products in our “Clothing evaluation” and sell it on commission.