Submission conditions 

At Arkivet you will find second-hand women’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories for the environmentally and fashion-conscious customer. We always strive to make it easy for customers to consume fashion in a sustainable way. Below you can read about our submission conditions. 

“Arkivet” refers to: 

For the store at Norrmalm – Klädarkivet Sthlm AB, 559037-5167, Norrtullsgatan 33, 11327 Stockholm.  For the store at Östermalm – Klädarkivet Östermalm AB, 559188-6394, Nybrogatan 44, 11440 Stockholm. For store at Sergel – Klädarkivet Sergel AB 559358-0631, Sergelgatan 18, 111 57, Stockholm. For the store in Göteborg – Klädarkivet Göteborg AB, 559262-1527, Järntorget 4, 413 04 Göteborg. 


By submitting clothing to us, you agree to our terms and conditions (including the privacy policy). Make sure you have read and understood the terms and conditions before submitting clothes to us. If you do not agree to the terms, you may not submit clothing to us. 
The submission conditions may be updated at any time. In the event of notable changes, you shall be notified by e-mail. We will then inform you that it is important to object if you do not approve of the changes. If we do not receive such an objection within one month of the changes being communicated, we will assume that you accept the changes. 
We will also assume that you accept the changes where you enter into an agreement about the services with us by e.g., continue to use the Services after the new terms become effective. The new versions of the terms will also be available on the website. 


– We reserve the right to accept or decline your submission of individual garments based on our assessment of the garment. 

– The clothes must be freshly laundered (even if they were washed before a longer storage period) and shoes need to be cleaned before they are handed in. 

– The garments are submitted at our drop-in stations in each store, where we receive and price the goods directly during the appraisal. 

– As a seller, you must be present at the submission and approve the pricing. 

– You may submit a maximum of 20 garments per submission.  

– The following product categories are not approved for submission: workout clothes, sleepwear or underwear, swimwear, vintage, retro clothes, maternity clothes, wedding or prom dresses and real fur. 

– Bags and accessories with a new price that exceeds SEK 9,995 may only be submitted if a receipt is available. 

– In order to be able to submit pieces, you must be registered as a customer at Arkivet. 

– If you are under 18 years of age, you need a guardian’s written consent when submitting clothes to Arkivet. Please click on the link to find the form> Consent form 

– We reserve the right to display the garments in accordance to our manner and promote them on all our sales channels if necessary to maximize the garment’s selling potential. 

– If you are submitting for the first time, you must have read about the submission process before your visit. Read more here

– For the submission to go as quickly as possible, you as a customer are responsible for reading through the current submission slip prior to your visit, with information about what we are currently taking in. 


– We sell on commission, which means you get paid for your goods after they have been sold. 

– As a client, you receive 40% of the sales price in commission. 

– Valuation of the garments is done by our clothing appraisers and is based on amongst others, the garment’s original price, condition, demand, season. 

– The submitted clothes may not be priced higher than a certain amount, according to the following: 

Outerwear: SEK 4,995 
Bags: SEK 9,995 
Other: SEK 2,995 


– Submitted goods are available in the store for 30 days. 

– You are responsible yourself as the customer for collecting unsold goods if you want them back. 

– Goods that have not been picked up 30 days after submission are donated to beneficence. 


– Money you earn for your sold goods, is registered in your customer account until it is collected. 

– Payout does not happen automatically, it needs to be initiated by you. 

– The money can be withdrawn for 24 months from the date of submission. 

– You are welcome to use your commission to shop in the store, but you can also have the money paid out to your bank account at your request. 


– Payment via bank transfer is requested directly at our stores’ cash registers, where you state your bank account number and sign a receipt for each desired payment. 

– It takes approximately 1-3 banking days for the money to be transferred to your bank account. 

– For administration purposes, we can only make one bank transfer per month per customer. 

– Arkivet saves your bank account number in order to make future payments to you. You as a customer have the right to request that your bank account number be deleted after we have made a payment. 


Arkivet is responsible for using your personal data in accordance with current data protection laws. For information on how Arkivet processes your personal data, read here. 


For questions about your sale, please visit or call the store. Unfortunately, we cannot answer questions about submission and sales via email. 

By submitting clothing to us, you accept these conditions and certify that you have read the information on personal data processing at Arkivet.